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Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
>> our beloved nelson mandela, president of our democratic nation has departed. >> farewell. apartheido overcame reaches the end of the journey that took them from prisoner to president. >> it is jobs day. a role data could leave the u.s. track for the best year of job growth since 2005. >> japan's prime minister calls for a summit with china to ease tensions over the islands. good morning. welcome. " live watching "the pulse from bloomberg european headquarters here in london. >> also coming up on "the pulse ," the boss of one of britain's businesses, nigel wilson joins us and about 10 minutes. get his take on everything from the u.s. jobs report to the autumn statement. the news cycle is being dominated by one thing and that is the passing of nelson mandela. south africans are mourning the death of their first black president this morning. leaders around the world pay tribute to his life. johannesburgin yesterday. .et bring in tv africa anchor clearly south africa in a state of shock this morning. we knew he was ill -- we knew he would be in intensive care and for quite so
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
pictures coming from south africa, a memorial to honor nelson mandela beginning. these are live pictures coming from the event at the football stadium. tens of thousands of south africans are there to pay tribute to the first black president of the country. obama and -- barack many other world leaders are in attendance. let's talk about what we are seeing as the event is unfolding. lenny joins us with more. stunning pictures coming. clearly, a huge amount focus on this event. what is the story that is going to be told? >> people are still arriving. hundreds of thousands, millions will be watching what goes on today. these are live pictures from the stadium. it is raining, but south africans are singing. they are so part of this moment, knowing they will reflect back on a leader that change this country's face. be addressingill the crowd. other people will also be addressing. we also have the president of was notd xi jinpeng able to attend, which was interesting. of state will be addressing the crowd from that country. india and cuba as well. president, the man who succeeded nelson mandel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2